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Tyler Prescott wins revenue commissioner race in Clarke County



Tyler Prescott won the Republican nomination for Clarke County revenue commissioner Tuesday. As in days long gone when the Democratic nomination was tantamount to election, the same holds true for the Republicans in this case.

Prescott polled 2,398 votes, or just over 57 percent, to Kliff Stephens’ 1,806 votes, or nearly 43 percent.

When incumbent Revenue Commissioner Terry Norris, a Democrat, did not qualify for re-election, the Democrats were caught unprepared and did not field a candidate. Prescott is assured of the office in the November general election.

A write-in candidate is possible but unlikely to win. There was talk of a possible independent candidate but they would have had to file a petition by 5 p.m. Tuesday and one was not filed.

Prescott, of Thomasville, waged an aggressive advertising campaign, spending much more than Stephens, who is from Grove Hill.

Prescott claimed knowledge of properties and taxes because of his work with his family’s real estate holdings.

Stephens claimed the same knowledge through being a member of the Clarke County Board of Equalization, a three-member citizen panel that hears property tax appeals.

Revenue Commissioner Norris endorsed Stephens because of his work on the board but it didn’t sway the voters.

In a Facebook post, Prescott thanked voters. “I will never forget that I work for you, the people of Clarke County! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

The revenue commissioner’s job is a combination of the old tax assessor and tax collector offices. The officeholder is responsible for assessing and collecting ad valorem taxes in the county,

A lot of elected offices begin new terms in January but the revenue commissioner’s won’t begin until Oct. 1, 2021, the beginning of a fiscal year and the date that taxes are due.

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