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This locally-made BBQ sauce can jazz up a Labor Day cookout

Keith Rush with a bottle of his barbecue sauce.

Keith Rush with a bottle of his barbecue sauce.

Keith Rush loves to cook, especially grilling and barbecuing.

“I’ve always loved to cook. I like getting in the kitchen and out on the grill throwing stuff together.”

He set out a while back to come up with the perfect barbecue sauce.

“I probably poured out 30 or 40 pots before I came up with this.” It may not be the perfect barbecue sauce but he thinks it is pretty good.

He said as he and his wife, Nina, experimented she’d write down the ingredients and the amounts.

“When we finished this one and tasted it we just looked at each other and said ‘This one is a keeper.’”

Rush is from Dickinson but now lives in Jackson.

He wouldn’t tell what all is in his sauce but said it is vinegar based. “It has a bit of a sweet heat taste.” He said it was initially a thinner sauce but he listened to feedback and has thickened it up some.

“It is good on anything — pork, chicken, beef. A friend said he marinated some shrimp in it for 24 hours and cooked them on the grill and they were great.”

Recently, he’s developed a spicier version for people who like things a little hot.

In 2016 Rush had a kidney and pancreas transplant. He’s doing well and said the pancreas transplant did away with his diabetes.

Rush has most recently worked as a Clarke County sheriff’s deputy but recently resigned to take a job with a contractor at the steel mill in Calvert.

But that won’t keep him from bottling Rush’s BBQ Sauce. If you’d like to try a bottle, give him a call at 3334-830-8181.

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