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Summer Under the Lights Training camp a success

Kids enjoyed the instruction at the camp last week. Photos by Marcus Gates

Kids enjoyed the instruction at the camp last week. Photos by Marcus Gates

On Tuesday, July 23 the first Summer Under the Lights Training Camp 2K19 was held at Millry High School football stadium on Wildcat Hill.

The camp lasted from 5 to 7 p.m. and was for kids ages 4 – 16 years old. The camp was put together by Chris Edmonds, Millry Head Football Coach Greg Crager and also helping was the Millry HS football team. The guests of the camp were Jake Allen who attended Wayne County High School in Mississippi and also played in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers Coach Nehemiah Henry, a former Millry HS football player, Lonnie Bingham, Robert Taylor, Bobby Joe Gardener and the Millry HS coaching staff including Larry Boykin, JoJo Weaver and Steve Doggett.

“This is the first time that we have held this camp. Coach Crager and I work together a lot and share the same vision He has been wanting to do a camp and I have been wanting to do a camp so we decided this was the year to do it. We are doing basic fundamental drills such as wide receiver, running back, lineman, fundamental tackle, quarterback and linebacker drills,” said Chris Edmonds.



“We have about 35 kids here today and counting the Millry HS football players helping we have about 60+ all together. This is a trial run and we plan for this to become an annual camp from here on out. It did not matter how many kids came out, it is giving back to the community and teaching kids the fundamentals of football.”

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