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• If the scar of a cantaloupe is rough or has a stem attached, the melon was picked too early and won’t ripen as good as one with a smooth scar. Also, check the net pattern over the outside; it should be even and an overall tan-yellow color, not green or mottled.

• You can remove berry stains from your fingers with lemon juice. Got berry juice on your tablecloth? Here’s E.B. of Mississippi’s suggestion: “Pour a generous amount of milk on the spot, let it soak for 15 minutes or more. Then soak in cold water with soap for an hour or more. Wash, rinse and dry.”

• Soak raisins in cold water before chopping so that they won’t stick to your knife.

• “Use celery ribs lined up to create a base for your roast. This way, the juices move around more and the roast never sticks to the pan. I serve the celery with the roast, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” — A.T. in Tennessee

• Need to chill some drinks for a party fast? Pile on the ice, of course, then add the secret weapon: water. Icy water chills drinks quicker than placing them in ice alone. The heat is transferred from the warm drinks to the water because there’s total contact.

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