Luvern Norris Dixon

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September 21, 1933 – December 4, 2021

The Heavenly Express stopped in north Alabama on December 4, 2021, and Luvern Norris Dixon boarded the Heavenly Express for the trip to her final home in Heaven.

Luvern was known locally, as the lady that owned Dixon Music in Thomasville. After retiring from Thomasville, she joined her son (Joe “Hound Dog”) in north Alabama. Luvern became known as Mama Lou in north Alabama and Nashville, Tenn., the centerpiece of the Hound Dog Country Family. Luvern enjoyed her semi-retirement with her son, helping with the radio broadcasts, assisting with the real estate school, selling items at auctions, sitting in Nashville listening and talking with her favorite entertainers, enjoying a good concert/music event, and being the mom to the Hound Dog Country Family.

Luvern will be missed, here on earth at Hound Dog Country, but she will continue to be Mama Lou to the Hound Dog Country Family, from the other side of the golden gates of Heaven.

Love you,

Hound Dog & The Hound Dog Country Family

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