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Jury hangs for second time in Citronelle police chief trial

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For the second time in two months, a federal jury was unable to reach a verdict following a trial alleging misconduct and the use of excessive force against an individual by then-Citronelle Police Chief Tyler Norris.

The second trial was held last week in Mobile. The first was in February.

Norris grew up in and resides in Clarke County. He resigned as Citronelle chief after the incident.

A high-speed chase in Citronelle in 2021 resulted in the suspect fleeing at speeds of around 100 mph. The driver, Isaiah McCree, testified that he did not stop because he was on probation and had marijuana in the car.

McCree said that when he did stop he tried to surrender, putting his hands out the car window. Police cameras showed Norris’ vehicle ramming the driver’s side of Mc- Cree’s car, Norris getting out and going into the car and tussling with McCree while two other officers tried to handcuff him. McCree said Norris kneed him in the abdomen.

Norris can be heard yelling for McCree to stop resisting. However, two officers who were at the scene testified that he was not resisting.

Norris’ attorney questioned the credibility of the two officers, noting previous disciplinary actions against them and said they were angry with Norris over work issues.

Norris was also charged with misleading state investigators when they questioned him on the matter months after it happened.

Prosecutors indicated that they may try Norris a third time.

U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose who presided over both trials was to hold a hearing on a potential new trial this week. She said that in her 18 years as a judge she had only presided over two cases where a defendant was tried twice on the same charges.

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