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Grove Hill Council considering alcohol sales on Sundays

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Sunday alcohol sales are being considered in Grove Hill. The matter will be on the city council’s June 20 meeting agenda for a vote.

Mayor Ross Wood said at Monday’s meeting that the matter could be put on the ballot for the people to decide but the council can also vote in Sunday sales with a simple majority vote.

He said it would be the council’s decision to make but he seemed to advocate sales.

“None of the other municipalities [meaning Jackson or Thomasville] are going to do that [enact Sunday sales], so it will be a source of revenue,” he explained.

He said “some are for it and some against” and council members need to get a reading of their constituents and be prepared to vote on June 20. It’ll be a simple “yea” or “nay” vote, he said.

In Clarke County, the municipalities of Grove Hill, Jackson and Thomasville allow alcohol sales now. Those sales were authorized by voters in special referendums. Sunday sales could be put to a vote but can also be decided by vote of the council.

While neither Jackson or Thomasville have Sunday sales now, several counties and municipalities do. Close at hand, the municipality of Linden and Wilcox County both have Sunday sales.

Asked for details, Mayor Wood said sales could start early on a Sunday morning but would likely not be allowed until noon and cut off at 7 p.m.

Council members need input from Grove Hill citizens on Sunday sales. Contact council members are Eddie Foster, District 1; Lanessa Pugh, District 2; Phyllis Barnes, District 3; Kossie Powell, District 4 (although he is currently sidelined with health issues) or Verria Beckham, District 5. You may also voice your sentiments to Mayor Wood.

Do you favor Sunday alcohol sales in Grove Hill? Would you buy alcohol in Grove Hill on Sunday?

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