Concerns of traffic on Leroy roads voiced to Washington commissioners

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Concerns about traffic and speeds on Upper Ferry Road and Lower Ferry Road in Leroy were voiced at the Washington County Commission meeting Monday

Brenda Woodyard said that traffic has increased and with it speeds on the roads. Additionally, the road conditions are not the best.

She said she worries about her elderly mother as well as children who live along the roads.

Construction crews are working in the area on a new natural gas pipe line being built to serve the new PowerSouth power plant being built now.

Woodyard asked if the roads could be patrolled more. Commissioners said they could also contact the construction company and ask them to be careful in the area.

Other business

It was a relatively short meeting, with only a handful of agenda items.

Maxwell Rivers’ resignation from the Five Points sewer board was accepted. Rivers said the board has problems that can’t be resolved. He said there are 312 residents who should be paying sewer fees but aren’t. He also said the USDA and the Alabama Attorney General’s office has looked at the problem.

Commissioners accepted J. M. Wood’s high proposal of $323,640 for various equipment the county wants to sell. Wood will guarantee the county that much for its sale on March 15. Another auction company, Deanco, offered $297,228.

L. C. Howell was appointed to the Washington County Park & Recreation Board.

Reappointed to the Washington County Hospital Board were members Arnold Schultz, Betsy Turner, Shane Thornton and Micki Savage.

Commissioners approved application for an EMPG Grant for the county’s Emergency Management Agency. The county will get $19,309 to supplement the county’s monies for the department.

There was a little discussion about the continued lack of reimbursements from the Federal Emegency Management Agency (FEMA) for Hurricane Zeta cleanup. FEMA normally reimburses for such cleanup from natural disasters but has cut the county’s $3 million bill in half. County officials say the rules were changed after the fact. Other counties are having similar problems. If the counties can’t get 100% reimbursement they will have to absorb the unpaid balances.

The Alabama-Tombigbee Regional Commission will meet March 10 at the community house in Jackson. This is a regional group of counties and municipalities that work together for economic and community development.

A hearing will be held March 24 at 10 a.m. for final approval of a CDBG project that funded improvements for the Fruitdale Water System.

The next meeting of the Washington County Commission will be Tuesday, March 15 at 10 a.m. at the courthouse in Chatom.

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