Clarke public schools extend virtual classes a week due to Covid

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Public schools in Clarke County last week extended campus closures and virtual learning for another week due to Covid-19.

Both the Clarke County public school system and the Thomasville public city school system now plan to reopen for in-classroom instruction Monday, Jan. 24.

Superintendent Garth Moss of Thomasville City Schools in a release said, “We are continuing to see positive Covid tests daily among our faculty and staff and the positivity rate in Clarke County is still above 40 percent.”

Clarke County Superintendent Larry Bagley said Covid cases among both employees and students were continuing to rise.

“In order for us to meet our primary goal of student and staff safety, it has become abundantly clear that it is in the best interest of everyone for Clarke County Schools to remain in offsite or virtual learning mode continuing Tuesday, January 18th-Friday, January 21st.” Bagley added that this would be a regular work week for faculty and staff and that teachers would be available to answer any questions parents or student had.

Bagley restated what he has said before, that he understands the hardship that closing schools places on families and that the decision was not made lightly.

Clarke Preparatory School in Grove Hill has been open since returning from the Christmas break but late last week announced that the school and daycare would be closed from Friday, Jan. 14 through Tuesday, Jan. 18 due to Covid numbers and would reopen Wednesday, Jan. 19.

The CPS release said, “We strongly encourage you to limit your children’s exposure during this time to help stop the spread of the virus.”

Jackson Academy has continued to hold on-campus classes since returning from the Christmas break.

Washington County schools took one day for virtual learning, Tuesday, Jan. 18.

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