4-H Pig Squeal Show and Sale is Saturday, April 30 in Fulton

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In January, 25 local 4-H students participating in the Clarke County 4-H Pig Squeal Project received two pigs each to raise for the Pig Squeal Ninth Annual Show and Auction that will take place Saturday, April 30 in Fulton.

The show and judging is at 11 a.m. and the auction starts around 1 p.m.

The students learn to keep records, about health and medical issues, finances, nutrition matters and the discipline and responsibility of having to see after and take care of something for several weeks.

Bidders do not have to take possession of their purchased hog. Processors will be on hand to handle hauling and processing of hogs and the prepared pork will be delivered to Grove Hill for pickup.

For more information, call 251-275-3121.

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