Cedar Bluff suit threatens local alcohol

Attorney General's 'Motion to Intervene' could involve state

Alabama Attorney General Troy King is seeking permission to intervene in a case challenging legalized alcohol sales in Cedar Bluff in dry Cherokee County. King’s opposition to legalized sales in Cedar Bluff is clear from the motion and if legalized sales are overturned there, the next targets could be Jackson, Monroeville and Thomasville. Cedar Bluff in dry Cherokee County was […]

Boise, tax appraisers urged to try and settle ’07 tax bill differences

Amid a lot of complicated and confusing discussions over accounting techniques and depreciation schedules, economics and market conditions that are the basis of a $200 million difference in the value of Boise’s Clarke County operations between the company and the county’s tax appraisal department, a member of the Clarke County Board of Equalization suggested a simple solution. “There’s got to […]

Truck loses axle, shuts down JA, 69

Supreme Court rules 5-4 that State Bar can’t reprimand Judge DuBose

Court ruling does not apply to Judicial Inquiry Commission's complaint

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Alabama State Bar Association couldn’t discipline Circuit Judge Stuart DuBose for inappropriate actions he made prior to becoming a judge. The high court ruled 5-4 that any disciplinary action by the state organization that represents Alabama’s lawyers would have to wait until DuBose is no longer a judge. Concurring on the question […]

Soldier glad to be home and to return to serving community

Jackson Police Officer Brian Clark who recently returned home from Iraq, is glad to be back with his family and is ready to begin serving his community. A U.S. Army Reservist, Clark spent the last 12 months in Iraq with the 478th civil Air Batallion working with Iraqi police officers, judges and lawyers. Much of his job included working with […]

Manhunt for escapee continues

Sheriff’s Department is in search of a jail inmate who fled, Thursday, March 13, while working with one of the two road crews that pick up trash. The escape took place in the McIntosh area on Topton Road between 1:30 and 2 p.m. According to Chief Deputy Terry Beasley, Shane Scott Jordan Phili, 35, of Brewton was being held on […]

Commissioner under scrutiny for moving of dirt

Washington County Commissioner Johnny Johnston is under scrutiny for dirt that was moved from the county’s work yard in his district (McIntosh) by an independent contractor to property located behind the commissioner’s home. According to a sheriff’s department spokesperson, the dirt was moved by Brandon Payne, who was brought to the sheriff’s department Monday, March 17, for questioning in the […]

Suspects flee, throw person from vehicle

Two Deer Park residents are in custody following a chase involving Washington County deputies, March 17, during which an occupant of the suspects’ vehicle was thrown out. According to Washington County Sheriff’s reports, Stacy Junior Brown, 26 and Nakiel Jermaine Bettis, 28, and a third person were pulled over by deputies Ferrell Grimes and DeShawn Holloway. During the traffic stop […]

Four WashCo Sheriff’s Department retirees honored with reception

Four employees of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department were honored with a reception in the large courtroom of the Washington County Courthouse Friday, March 14. Eunice Johnston, Thelma Hill, Doris Weaver and Kesler Weaver Sr. were presented gifts and well-wishes and praised by Sheriff Richard Stringer for their years of knowledge that have helped him during his first year in […]

Juvenile, 10, charged in cutting of teenager

A 10 year old has been charged with assault in the cutting of a 16 year old. According to Jackson Police Investigator Richard Harvey, the incident occurred around 8:30 p.m., March 12, at a residence in the 300 block of Davis Avenue. According to reports, investigating officers Sgt. Josh Garrett, Ben Marshall and Arvis Slack responded to a call from […]